Believe it or not this is not a Poe.


Hey, Christians! Are you worried that Halloween, with its party atmosphere and costumed witches and spooks, is too pagan for you and your family? Well, fuhgeddaboudit! Now there's a brand new Christian way to celebrate October 31: Jesus Ween!
And it's not about scaring the bejeezus out of kids with hellfire sermons or tours of gory hell-houses either. That's old school. This is the new, kinder, gentler, tech-friendly Christianity we're talking about. They hold seminars! They even have their own website, Twitter account and Facebook page!
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I knew that this was going to happen eventually, but does anyone else giggle when they look at the name "Jesus Ween"?
Well I knew you would, your sense of humor is in the right place :)
this jesus is from Vienna?
He comes with a new Gospel also!
This is right up there with the outfit which, some years ago, began answering their phones, "Heaven-o!" instead of "Hello," for reasons which as childish as they are intuitively obvious.

Heaven-o?  Wth?  

Jesusween is possibly the most bizarre thing yet.

I lived in a community with many zealots and they tried something like this though it lacked the catchy  moniker. It failed miserably because the kids would not buy into it. They all went back to Halloween after a couple of years.


As Sarah Palin [VOMIT!] herself would say, "You Betcha!"

its ween. but what does it have to do with vienna
I don't understand what you are asking.  The only person who has brought up Vienna is you.

vienna is pronounced in german like weener. this is where we get weener saugage from also the weeny word.


That makes it all the more amusing. Thanks :)


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