Church group makes two faced dolls to be used in missionary work.

"I'm a slappy happy atheist
No dogma clouds my brain
And not a frowny downy theist
Bordering on insane."

Church group makes two faced dolls to be used in missionary work. They probably don't interpret them the same way I do.

Hand-crafted by a group of voiunteers around Charlotte, the doll's face is frowny on one side and smiley on the other, signifying her state of being before and after she accepted Jesus. An accompanying card explains the transformation in the language of the country to which the doll is sent.

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The dolls are very cute and the photo of the little Ugandan boy is adorable.  Too bad these gifts have to come with a horrible, tainted message attached.  Why can't these church people just make and send regular dolls so that these innocent and unsuspecting kids can enjoy a bit of material joy without the nonsensical, excess baggage of religion thrust upon them?  *sigh*
TFA is right. A good deed is done for its own sake, not with an ulterior motive. I also wonder why the woman isn't angry at the God who gave her macular degeneration. That must be blind faith. :-D
Targeting young children with the religious bilge is child abuse; abuse that could poison their mnds for a lifetime.  I'm sure the churchies think they are doing good work - more the pity.
It's hard to tell from the small number of pictures, but the dolls all seem to be fair skinned, which is surprising as most of the kids in the pictures are much darker skinned. Maybe it'll backfire on the missionaries and the message the kids will get from the dolls is that white people are two-faced.
I think Ian sums up my reaction to this story exactly: "A good deed is done for its own sake, not with an ulterior motive."

The dolls carry a racist message, and even if some dark skinned children are given dark skinned dolls, a lot of them are white are light.  The beads' message as stated:



Black = Sin. All have sinned, and the punishment for sin is death
Red = Blood. We can’t fix ourselves so Jesus shed His blood on the cross for us.
White = Clean. We are made clean when we accept Jesus as Lord. We then become a New Creation"

Even if the gift givers don't intend to give a racist message, they are.  White people giving light dolls to black children, with the statement that black is sin and white is clean - such lovely people.
Ah, but the Qu'ran says it too. On the Final Day the saved shall be white and the damned black. I wonder what the Nation of Islam make of that. When I worked with asylum seekers the Arabs hated their African fellow-Muslims.
pathetic carryover of racist bronze age tribalism into modern times, pathetic campartmentalization.  For both abrahamic religions.


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