I know this isn't as heavy or dense as some of the other things I've posted recently -- and I'm rather loathe to get any information from a source that calls itself 'Action News' -- but sometimes a story comes along that just makes you stop and say, 'Oh for fuck's sake.'

In case you weren't already aware of the International-gay-Jew-Pepsi Conspiracy, the Bell Shoals Baptist church is on the front lines of this fight. Bell Shoals Baptist has replaced all of their Pepsi machines with Coke machines, no not in protest against those stupid taste test commercials, but because Coke is less gay than Pepsi. How much less gay, you ask? $3 million less gay.

Pepsi has raised or donated $3 million for gay rights campaigns in the US. Because of this, in line with the rest of the American Family Association, Bell Shoals has decided to boycott Pepsi.

Though I must say, I wonder what those Baptists will be drinking when they come across this:
Human Rights Campaign
For the second straight year (2007), the nation's largest lesbian and gay rights organization, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), has given The Coca-Cola Company a 100 percent rating for its workplace policies for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) associates. The HRC's Corporate Equality Index measures the extent to which employers promote workplace fairness for their GLBT employees, measuring factors like non-discrimination policies, diversity training and benefits.

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Sounds like a slogan: "Theists go better with Coke!"

We all know how much Pastor Ted loved coke.
No no, Ted Haggard did meth, not coke.
My faux pas
It is so hard to keep track of the various things that these holy people do nowadays...
Just from an economic standpoint, Coke knows that the numbers of people who support or at least don't-oppose gay marriage are growing. The numbers who still oppose it are sizable but they will die soon.
It's a delicious mix of stupid, hilarious, and irony.
Oh for fuck's sake.

Perhaps this can be the new, advanced taste test. "Try a sip of each one. Which one makes you feel more gay?"
Oh for fuck's sake.

See! I told you!
Maybe they'll give up soda and lose some damn weight. Then they can thank Jesus for getting them to stop drinking sugar water.
It never stops to amaze me the excuses that are used to promote bigatory.
I'm often surprised at how easy they can be zealously self-righteous and at the same time actively self-defeating.




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