A CHURCH has been told by a local council to turn the volume down on its hymns and sermons.

The pentecostal church, All Nations Centre, in Kennington, London, has been told that it cannot amplify its music or sermons after a complaint was made to the local council.


Aaaaaaaah. Doesn't it just make you feel warm all over. :)

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There's no link after your "Link:"
Linky Link!

Thanks Stephan.
I love these arguments:

"We can't use an amp for our music and preaching? How are we supposed to have a service?!?!"

Um, how about just talking loudly and playing your instruments unplugged? I mean, it was good enough for Jesus...

To be fair though, they could just turn it down and invest in some sound proofing.

Oh, and I love the title of the article, implying they are being silenced, where they are just not allowed to make a rock concert out of the thing...good balanced reporting that.
I'm just imagining having to listen to people speak in tongues other a loud speaker on a Sunday morning...hard to imagine it took this long for someone to complain!
Actually, yes, it does make me feel warm.
There is a mosque at least 6 city blocks from my house that plays really loud music for hours on some Sundays (Brooklyn, NY), I can hear it in the backyard of my home. We neighbors have been told that the police are not allowed to intervene in daytime religous observances. My point that children's eardrums are at risk is not interesting or important to the PC silliness that surrounds us.
You could all buy Choppers and go rev them at the mosque right on mosque-o-clock. Sure, it would be pointless, expensive and childish but who doesn't like choppers, right?

I don't...they are loud and annoying.



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