Catholic church says only God can create life.

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Catholic Church officials said Friday that the recently created first synthetic cell could be a positive development if correctly used, but warned scientists that only God can create life.

So, what, when scientists do actually "create life" then will the Catholics start worshipping them? That is a damn stupid line to draw in the sand for the Catholic church for it is a TESTABLE claim for which they will very obviously be on the wrong side.

Not that any of the true believers will care.
Seems to me that they are saying, "Ohhhh .... don't do what you just did."
Women produce life. Do they worship them?
Well, there's Mary...
Women produce life. Do they worship them?

Heh! Sperm cells are living organisms too! I've already produced more living organisms in my life than all the female characters in the Bible ever have! I'm more worthy of worship than Eve, Mary and Loretta!
Mostly they tell women to shut up and be subservient to men. Swell fellas.
Is this the same church that plays God all the time by pretending to know His will about condoms, abortion, AIDS, priestly pedophilia, etc?
Didn't god allow these scientists to be able to create life? This is the thing that always gets me. god created these men, god created science, god created the scientist to be able to create synthetic bacteria...

so go be angry at god.
But, we have free will which God can't stop.
Who is this fellow "God" you mentioned so many times???
Only God can create life - ergo scientists are gods.
I'd say any mechanical engineer and/or programmers are playing god all the time, since they "create life" everyday, just not carbon-based life.

I always regard the program I've written and maintained as at least the level of a pet dog or cat ^_^



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