I agree I think that circumcision is a mutilation.


I know it's hard for people to hear - especially men who have been circumcised or parents who have circumcised their child.


I was responding to Michah's post:


Comment by Micah Oliver 13 hours ago I recommend Joe and Richard watch this person's videos on circumcision after listening to episode #28. Of special interest as they relate to the episode is the video(s) comparing female and male circumcision. They are all excellent videos, and I happen to like his approach.


Male circumcision also effects female sexual pleasure. Removing the male foreskin reduces female pleasure when having sex with circumcised male vs an uncircumcised male. It is more pleasurable for a female, to have sex with a male who has a foreskin. It is more easy to climax. External clitoral stimulation is more necessary for a women to climax when having sex with a circumcised male.

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Yes, there are a shitload of lies spread about circumcision being a positive thing.  Sadly, it's spread by the group that normally has things blamed on them, only this time they really are doing it.  It's the Jews.  There's been a bit of a conspiracy by the doctors in Europe and the US ... many of whom are Jews ... to spread their religious bullshit as the mainstream, get it accepted as what you're simply supposed to do to your babies.

The pain of surgery later in life is a stupid argument.  It's almost never necessary, later in life.  We're talking one in ten thousand, or something along those lines.  And if it is necessary, we can keep the guy hopped up on Vicodin for a week or so, and he's good.

Listen to Godless Bitches episode #8:  http://godlessbitches.podbean.com/2011/10/04/episode-18/ (yes, I know it says 18; that's season 1 episode 8)

They expose a lot of the bullshit excuses that are floating around out there.

Speaking of which, here's one of the comments on that episode which makes a good point:

Arf Arf

Circumcision to treat phimosis is analagous to amputation to treat a wart.

If surgery is required, then a simple dorsal slit will open the foreskin without removing any tissue. But the preferred treatment is a steroid cream combined with a stretching regimen that doesn’t take very long.

Doctors should prefer to do the minimal thing that works. Surgery should be the last choice after everything else has failed. Circumcision is never necessary for phimosis.

Anyone who would perform circumcision on an adult without a painkiller is like going to a dentist who doesn't believe in painkillers.  You like pain, get a tatoo and leave your foreskin where it belongs.  Let's face it folks, if you want to retract your foreskin and keep it retracted, tape will eventually make it stay that way.  Use tape, forget the friggin knife.  Does the medical profession have even the semblence of a brain?

To be honest, I don't know if taping the foreskin back is a good idea.  Really, foreskin has beneficial properties and should be allowed to do its thing naturally.  Im concerned that taping it back could have a type of strangulation effect, if the opening is narrow.  That's pure speculation on my part.  Still, why not just celebrate having a part that some guys dont get to keep, and let it be?  For guys that can't let nature be natural, maybe tattoo it to LOOK like it's been amputated.

Sentient, I like your reply...the comfort and sensations of having a foreskin would never be forgone simply to please someone else unless there was a VERY good reason...BUT, in response to someone who INSISTS (an ignorant parent or an authoritarian dumbass) that a child MUST have foreskin removal, I would offer a bloodless and painless alternative, TAPE.  In my research, I found that some mothers opted for the tape job to spare their son the torture of surgery.  Needless to say, there will always be those who love pain and would opt for surgery just to get the pain.  As a matter of fact, a mohel even suggested that pain was good and it would teach the infant a lesson (don't touch that nasty thing or the next time, we'll cut it all off).  I have a sneaky suspicion that such thinking is done to enslave and is inhuman or anti-human.  A slave to tradition is a disabled human who is addicted to rules.

1.  To perform a questionable surgical operation on a child out of tradition is slavery.

2.  To make illegal the removal of any part of the female anatomy (FGM) and yet allow it (and even pay for) male MGM is totally absurd.

3.  To mutilate your child as a willing accomplice adds a witness to an inhuman act.

Let's end the promotions and subsidies to ALL gential mutilation.  You want it, you pay.  Genital mutilation will go the way of all nonsensical BS traditions.

I was not circumcised when I was born in 1966.  My younger brother was in 1973.  I asked my mother why I was not; that took me 40 years to come up with the nerve to discuss that topic with my mom!  A whole other discussion on how religion has made even the discussion of these types of things so taboo!


Anyway...when I was about 42 I developed a condition that caused my foreskin to start constricting around my penis!  I don't remember the name of this medical condition at the moment.  I go to the doctor and he recommends circumcision...I was not an atheist at the time and agreed to have the procedure.  I was 43 years old and had never had any type of surgery in my life and now, the first surgery I'm going to have is on my prick!  I was scared to death!


So, it's surgery day.  I go and have the procedure and was very comical in the recovery room according to my wife and the nurses!  My wife said that I pulled the gown up as I was coming around to see if they had cut it off!  Lol!


I leave the facility a couple of hours later with a prescription of pain killers and go home.  I'm thinking this is going to really hurt in a couple of hours!  I swear on Christopher Hitchens latest book; I never had one moment of pain or discomfort!  I never even took an asprin for pain!


So, it is my belief that if the procedure is done correctly; it is not painfull at all!  I have a very low tolerance for pain too.  I don't believe in circumsion because of a religious belief or doctrine at all.  But, if science or the medical field can prove that it is beneficial to the persons well being; even from birth; we may need to consider the options.  Let's just keep an open mind to all things!  But, to do this just for shits and giggles!  Piss off god!

Thanks for the personal experience.  It's not something I would ever consider unless there was a good medical reason.  Most of the arguments are from people who have been circ all their lives, or who never have been.  It's interesting to hear what you experience.  if it's not too personal, Im curious about what effect it has on your sexual experience - more or less pleasure, or no difference?

Honestly, my wife says that she has more pleasure and I am really indifferent about it!  Of course, she could be just a good wife to me; as she has been for the last 25 years!  Lol!

Thanks for the response.  Even though I personally oppose circumcision, unless necessary, you've provided info from personal experience that might open some eyes.  I doubt that many men would volunteer "just to find out", so it's great to hear what you have to say.  Thanks again.

Good report...my research indicates that there are many types of circumcision...one type cuts very little to free the restriction.  Another type cuts most of the skin.  And another type cuts as much as possible.

The difference between cutting a baby and cutting an adult is significantly different.  Not only does cutting an adult include choice but there is more to work with generally.  In your report, the pain is tolerable.  The more I read about this subject, the more ridiculous circumcising a baby becomes.  My answer:  piss off stupid baby mutilaters.

I am definetly against this procedure for no more than to please a religious doctrine or the maniacs who follow it.  Of course, I think that we can all agree that if it is deemed to be beneficial to the person's health; then it would be o.k.

Here is a very interesting fact that some of you may or may not have known about the Jewish religion and circumcision.


A Jewish mohel: which is an appointed circumciser and foreskin remover.  As if, the circumcision isn't bad enough but, how they perform the circumcision is so disturbing that you will want to cringe with disgust and anger.


Their authority comes from an ancient text, which commands them to take  a baby boy's penis in their hand, cut around the prepuce, and complete the action by taking his penis in their mouth, sucking off the foreskin, and spitting out the amputated flap along with a mouthful of blood and saliva!  Now, this practice has been abondoned by most Jews, either because of its unhygienic nature or its disturbing associations, but it still persist among the sort of Hasidic fundamentalists who hope for the Second Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem.  To them, the primitive rite of the peri'ah metsitsah is part of the original and unbreakable covenant with god.  In New York City in the year 2005, the ritual, as performed by a 57 year old mohel, was found to have given genital herpes to several small boys, and to have caused the deaths of at least two of them.  In normal circumstances, the disclosure would have led the public health department to forbid the practice and the mayor to denounce it.  But in the capital of the modern world, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, such was not the case.  Instead, Mayor Bloomberg overrode the reports by distinguished Jewish physicians who had warned of the danger of the custom, and told his health care bureaucracy to postpone any verdict.  The crucial thing, that he said, was to be sure that the free exercise of religion was not being infringed.


Note: This was an excerpt from Christopher Hitchens book; "God Is Not Great" "How Religion Poisons Everything".


This happens in other cities, states and countries and in other denominations.  Also imagine,  the African Muslims and what they do to those young girls!


Only in the name of religion can absolute evil exist against humanity!  Or, at least that has proven itself to be absolutely evil; and they are damn proud of this!

If anyone takes a good look at the way the craziest religious cults weave back and forth, assume the wierd postures, wear ancient garb, and literally "act" out their parts like the hypocrites they are, "practicing" their art, a thread of escapism runs through most of it.  It becomes a party complete with extraordinary, sensational entertainment.  The problem arises when it affects and infects the lives of the celebrants with unhealthy and self-destructive ways that cannot be challenged without being disenfranchised by the group.  It is very disturbing when a close-knit group puts a member out for challenging the leader or the rules of the group.  However, at that point, the group has done the challenging member a favor.


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