I agree I think that circumcision is a mutilation.


I know it's hard for people to hear - especially men who have been circumcised or parents who have circumcised their child.


I was responding to Michah's post:


Comment by Micah Oliver 13 hours ago I recommend Joe and Richard watch this person's videos on circumcision after listening to episode #28. Of special interest as they relate to the episode is the video(s) comparing female and male circumcision. They are all excellent videos, and I happen to like his approach.


Male circumcision also effects female sexual pleasure. Removing the male foreskin reduces female pleasure when having sex with circumcised male vs an uncircumcised male. It is more pleasurable for a female, to have sex with a male who has a foreskin. It is more easy to climax. External clitoral stimulation is more necessary for a women to climax when having sex with a circumcised male.

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Germany is banning circumcision. I am so so glad.
There is so much news coming through media on a daily basis that makes me sad or angry...
But finally, one piece of news that makes me scream with joy.

Imagine how much easier it will be to put a complete end to FGM now that Germany has put its money where its mouth is!

FGM will end when circumcision comes to an end... anything short of that is hypocrisy!

Good news and hopefully that evil symptom of insanity will be redirected to it's rightful place in the museum of horrors.  How did mankind come up with such an insane practice?

good news - glad to hear it

goto "atheist ireland @ youtube so see/hear




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