"I totally respect the whole separation of church and state,” says Columbia City councilwoman Tameika Devine. Citing the importance of the will of the people, she also added, "and I think starting with an invocation gives you that importance and sets that tone." Acting on Ms. Devine's proposal, the city council of this Rainier Valley neighborhood of Seattle Washington, unanimously and without discussion, voted to begin each council meeting with prayer.
More on the this breath-taking bit of asininity here.

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Wow...so she respects the separation, but she nor the rest of the council have any damn clue what it is...nice.

Lawsuit please.
Yeah, that's one serious disconnect she's got going there.....
If only this worked at my register @ Walmart: "I totally respect your request to double-bag your milk, but the will of the cashier is to not to, so I'm not going to."
One of the reasons for the separation of church and state was to protect the minority from 'the will of the (majority) people'.
Some corrections to the article: Columbia City is in South Carolina, not Washington state. The story is redacted from an article by Eric Ward of the Free Times. Mea culpa.
Well, South Carolina makes a lot more sense for this crap than Washington I guess...
So she supports prayer because it "sets the tone." Huh. I didn't realize asthetics played such an important role in city council meetings.
Invoking a deity is part of "state". Urging people to vote for candidate X is "church".
"I believe that prayer in session respects the separation of church and state"

I'm afraid to count the number of cells that have just committed suicide in my brain.
1, 2, 5!

Er, wait a minute...
You have a long way to go before you catch up with the divine Ms. Devine, Jack.
Reading that article physically hurt. Ms. Devine's level of idiocy should be criminal.




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