Closeted Christians

Ada Calhoun has an article in Salon about how she has been a closeted Christian (until now). She kept her beliefs to herself because she was surrounded by atheists and those who joke about her faith.

… Walking to the subway, I ran into a friend heading home from yoga class. She wore sweats and carried her mat over her shoulder. “Where are you going so early all dressed up?” she asked, chuckling. “To church?” We shared a laugh at the absurdity of a liberal New Yorker heading off to worship.

The real joke? I totally was.

So what’s the right reaction to this piece? Should we feel bad that atheists are being critical of her just because she happens to be religious, or is her tirade unwarranted?

It’s unwarranted.

The problem with her article is that her friends are generally right. They’re not mocking the few positive aspects of faith that Calhoun wants to hype. They’re going after the Christian mindset — the one that is sadly held by tens of millions of people in America — that is anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-science, and tightly aligned with the Republican party.

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I don't necessarily believe her tirade was unwarranted. Just, unnecessary. She feels the need to hide her beliefs to avoid being ridiculed by those who don't share them... Welcome to the club. She can now lump herself in with gays, wiccans, muslims, Americans in any country that isn't america, and basically every person who has ever believed anything since the dawn of time.
Everyone has the right to think and believe whatever they want, but everyone also has the right to say whatever they want. Including the right to ridicule others for their beliefs if you so chose.
The sad thing is only that she feels the need to be in the closet, if you have beliefs, even if they are unpopular and will draw ridicule, you should be open about them. suffer the slings and arrows. otherwise you clearly don't value your opinion enough to bother having it in the first place.
You can do yoga without any superstition.
I thought this was a joke article at first, as Christians seem to be quite "out of the closet" these days...Her little rant is unwarranted. The one time she feels like an "other" and she feels offended? Know she knows how minority groups feel. The sad thing is, she won't learn from this and probably won't think twice about denouncing atheists in public and definitely won't think "hmmm, there must be a reason why my friends make fun of Christianity...let me research."
That's what I thought too.
I always thought Christians took it for granted that they could talk openly about religion (in this case, at work) , b/c they assumed that most other people were Christian, too. Of course, in other circles, there is the same thing with new age/paganism.
Typically, they do take it for granted. People have asked me what church I go to, where I get incense (Catholics), ask me to pray for them, etc. And that's all in a work environment. There's a parcel post guy that visits all the offices on campus and he tells everyone to "have a blessed day," every day, without fail. Christianity is basically an assumed status...
Yep. I got that at work too.
It's so awkward. So, so awkward.
Yep, I never knew how to respond so, I just smiled.
Though I don't belief people should be mean to each other I have little sympathy for her. I'd be willing to bet if they knew she was religious they would not ridicule her. Some may even apologize for offending her. As for her feeling like a minority or understanding such a thing: Bull shit! Nation wide and even within a section of any given state in the US she is the majority. Christians dominate the country and the culture.
She did say all her friends were atheists.
Yeah, I have a little sympathy toward her, because I know how it feels to be the minority. However, where my disbelief in a god is based on facts and logic, her belief is based on a problematic Bible and a 'feeling'. Pardon me if I make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but that is exactly what I'm trying to do... make theists uncomfortable with their belief.


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