Colorado House Candidate: If Atheists Undergo Exorcisms, They’ll Be Fine with Graduation Ceremonies in Church

A news story that is comical and scary at the same time. He could get elected.

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DE-LU-SION-AL.  [face-palm]

... and Mosques.  He forgot to mention those.  I'm sure it was just a slip of the tongue, though.

And temples ... and synagogues ... oh, and Kingdom Halls (can't forget them!).

... and Stonehenge?

Aaaaah, you'd have to ask the Brits about that.  Besides, does this ying-yang have the brains to know how to get over there???

Nah, true 'muricins wouldn't take a boat back.  They'd just throw the tea overboard, after hijacking a British boat to 'murica.

Is exorcism code for lobotomy?


OK, so this guy has now proven his IQ is lower than room temperature in a Baskin-Robbins storage locker. 

Conservative christian republicans. Consistently setting the intellectual bar as low as humanly possible, then failing to meet it.


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