Not entirely sure about the validity of this article, but here ya go for what it's worth.

Italian Church to stop coverup

"Italy's Roman Catholic Church said on Tuesday it would help to bring paedophile priests to justice after the country's bishops ruled that it
was right to do so under Canon law."

See? They knew stopping it was the right thing to do the whole time!

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So what the hell took them so long? Ahh, let me guess. Previously Canon law was interpretted as meaning they had to protect paedophile priests and cover up their crimes. It's only under the weight of public (secular) opinion that they're having to find a way to reinterpret their own rules.
Isn't that how progress is made in the Church?
What Canon law? I didn't see in the whole Bible that sleeping with children is sinful.

It doesn't say that. Which means the priests get to interpret it any way their sick fantasies decide to.
I'll believe it when criminal indictments are brought and NOT BEFORE.
I wholly agree.
If God didn't want them to have sex, he wouldn't have given them a sex drive.



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