Communism, Hypnotism & the Beatles: The Communist Music Master Plan

If you're old enough to remember the hysteria that accompanied the arrival of the Beatles in America in 1964, you're probably old enough to remember that not all of it came from screaming teenage girls. There were those who thundered against them from the pulpit and argued that the arrival of the long-haired four and their nonconformist music presaged The End Of Civilization As We Know It!
Among the murmurers of Dark Conspiracies and Impending Doom was the Reverend David A. Noebel, an associate of evangelist Billy James Hargis and his Christian Crusade. Attempting to be scientific in his arguments, Noebel cites Pavlov's (another Commie!) famous experiments on getting dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell as part of the nefarious plot to adapt the Beatles and their rhythmically hypnotic music into Communism's Master Plan Against Humanity. The primitive, steady beat of the music has been scientifically and diabolically synchronized with the body's natural rythyms in order to render "a generation of American youth neurotic through nerve-jamming, mental deterioration, and retardation". The result is the Soviet weapon "mentacide" which Noebel describes as "a lethal psychological process that produces a literal suicide of the mind!"

The article, which can be found here, also discusses the current Christian Rock movement.

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Yeah, I remember that. I also remember some bullhockey my Mom read somewhere in the early 70s that said rock music caused depression and suicide among teenagers. I told her if she did take away my music, I WOULD commit suicide.

I kept my albums. . .

IMO, it just pisses some people off that kids like popular music more than religion.
I for one can think of few things more sadistic, communistic, devil-worshiping, brainwashing and downright evil as "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

It's the Devil's music I tell ya!!! The Devil's music!!!
This is the Devil's music -




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