She's the third "Worst Person" (gold winner) at 1:33 into the video. Sorry, I don't have video software so I don't know how to clip it down smaller.

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She puts the "fun" in "dumb fundy"
This was up on yesterday, truly amazing but it's great when these fruitcakes make it onto the National scene!
Hey now, she didn't say the world was created six thousand years ago, she said the world has been here six thousand years...which it has. It has also been here 4.5 billion years before that too.
hehe - good point
yeah, I love that she says it's 6,000 years old, and so when she says the uranium in the mountain would not even be noticed, as if we should treat her opinion with credence... oh I love it!
"The Earth has been here 6,000 years, long before anybody had environmental laws, and somehow it hasn't been done away with."

Ok, so by that logic, we should scale our impact on the Earth back to what it was 6,000 years ago. I'd be fine with getting rid of 98% of the population, traveling by horse and cooking over camp fires.
I wouldn't be fine with that scenario. I like cities and my internet.


I think the Religious (non)Right needs a new obsession, like how the Internet and Fox News are not mentioned in the bible, therefore Jesus/God must hate the Internet and Fox News, therefore they should stay far, far away from these things.
Brilliant. But then, of course, we are dooming their kids. The internet can be an amazing tool against brainwashing, or in waking up from a comatose life. Gotta get their kids out first before we lock them up in ignoranceville and throw away the key.
Oh the irony.
Wait so its not 6000 years old?

Then this photo much be a fake.
GREAT VIDEO!!! Unfortunately dozens, if not hundreds of elected officials on federal, state, and local levels share this primitive belief. I am sure we will have many blunders of this nature to laugh at in the near future! It seems as though the religious right had become quite complacent over the past 20 years or so, escpecially during the Bush regime. That sense of complacency has vanished. With the recent surge in secular political ideology their existence as the most influential political lobbyist organization is being threatened. For a long time they were able to remain fairly quiet in the public arena and could work behind closed doors. Thankfully many of those doors are now open and these people are being forced to show their faces! In today's political landscape they are targets for public ridicule. I will end with a question of my own. How is that these people allow themselves to reap the innumerable benefits of the scientific and technological communities and yet will refute something as basic as radioactive decay as a method for dating the earth?




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