She's the third "Worst Person" (gold winner) at 1:33 into the video. Sorry, I don't have video software so I don't know how to clip it down smaller.

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How true, for any of you guys that haven't seen Religulous by Bill Maher, he interviews a senator from Arkansas who also believes this, and also believes Adam and Eve started it all. Very funny at the end of the interview where he says "Well, you don't need to pass an IQ test to be in the senate ha ha" then he smiles for about 5-8 seconds before he realizes what he just said.
The really out-there religious crowd won't. We didn't use doctors, public schools, vaccines, welfare, etc. growing up. We just homeschooled, went without medical care (prayer) and went hungry. No wonder I'm such a fan of the secular world - it's not the sinning, it's the opportunities.
Here's a shorter clip (42 seconds)



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