"CRUCIFIXES can be displayed in school classrooms across Europe, the European Court of Human Rights ruled yesterday.

"The decision overturned a previous ruling that the crucifix could breach the rights of non-Christian pupils. The case was initially brought in Italy by Soile Lautsi, a Finnish-born mother whose children attended a state school near Venice and objected to the classroom crucifixes.

"In November 2009, the court in Strasbourg ruled that the presence of religious symbols violated the children's right to secular education.

"In yesterday's ruling the court decided that 'while the crucifix was above all a religious symbol, there was no evidence that the display of such a symbol on classroom walls might have an influence on pupils'.

"Iona Institute spokesman Dr John Murray said the ruling was 'a victory for true pluralism and diversity. The original decision was an attempt to impose a uniform secularism on virtually all of Europe and to force every member of the Council of Europe, including Ireland, to ignore their national, cultural and religious heritages'.

"He said 20 countries had joined with Italy in appealing the 2009 ruling."


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If they see this as true pluralism then hang the Star of David and the Muslim Star and Crescent right next to the crucifix.  It is a pity that the European Court of Human Rights thinks kids are to stupid to understand what a crucifix represents.
Don't forget to include an image of his deliciousness, the most noodley goodness, creator of mountains, trees and midgets, the great flying spaghetti monster.
I could have gone on a lot longer with all the different religions but, I didn't want to waste my time.  It would have taken too long.

That's an interesting observation - I hadn't made the connection that it must have been the appellants who put the argument that the children wouldn't be influenced.




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