I have commented on this issue in various places on Atheist Nexus, but the utter dearth of notice by print and television media is worthy of further comment and action.  As many A/N members have observed, none of the major television news organizations gave any notable coverage to the Reason Rally, at least not as evinced by any news broadcast or webpage that I have seen to date.  Whether they were more involved with Trayvon Martin or the GOP primary contests or what, I don't know.  Maybe they feel that 20,000 at a rally isn't significant ... or they want to ignore us because we make their believing audience nervous.  I can think of all sorts of excuses, but no salient REASONS.

That said, I am repeating here the message which, with slight variations, I sent to NBC, ABC and CBS yesterday:

Sunday, 25 March saw over 20,000 people gather on the Mall in Washington, DC to celebrate reason, more specifically, the Reason Rally.  This was a major event for the atheist community with multiple personalities lending their support, including Dr. Richard Dawkins and Adam Savage of the "Mythbusters" television series.  To my knowledge, not CBS, NBC, or ABC devoted any coverage to this event.  Considering the assault which the Separation of Church and State is currently under, I believe the Reason Rally was deserving of mention, particularly since CBS aired a commercial from the Freedom From Religion Foundation during your CBS Sunday Morning program and then again today (26 March) on the CBS Evening News.

We are atheists and we are productive citizens of this nation ... and we deserve notice.

Once again, I encourage all A/N members to let these and other media outlets know of our displeasure at their lack of coverage.

CBS News feedback site

ABC News feedback site

Feedback to NBC News may be sent to mediainquiries@msnbc.com.

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CNN had an article on their belief blogs, and though it did mention the Rally, it was more of an interview about American Atheists... and I don't recall seeing it linked directly to the homepage, though it could have been at the time.

What about Huffington Post? And I haven't had a chance to check TYT. It'd actually be a little odd for them not to mention it, considering Cenk is agnostic and has had no qualms in saying so.

I found the CNN article you referred to, though it was not up there on the surface at all.  HuffPost or TYT may have done SOMETHING, I think, but again, they're not MAJOR media (which I define as the "Big Three," plus CNN.  If I don't include Faux Noise, I think the reason is self-evident.

Now, maybe I'm being picky ... but fact is, there still are people who get their news, what little they DO get, from the tube, plain and simple.  If I'm focusing on this as my major point of attention, that is why.

I agree, but these days, a lot of people get their news right off the web, from places that they have set as their homepage (like Yahoo) or news sites they visit, which are usually things like CNN or major newspapers (Washington Post, NYTimes). But I'd really like to see it on the local network news channels, because a lot of people still make sure to watch that every weekday without fail.

You should see if you can get the American Atheists on board.  See if you can post it on their facebook page or something.

Or you can go to their site, lots of links to network and mainstream media coverage there, just sayin'

I kind of wish the westboro bapties had gone nuts - this always guarantees big media coverage...

I would have been surprised off my tailbone if they had.  Their strategy is to stay within the law insofar as it's possible and goad someone else into making the first move ... so they can sue.  This is what the policy of religious tolerance gets us ... Yuk-TOOEY!




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