Creationist Chairwoman of S.C. Board of Education Resigns as Sex Scandal Goes Public.

And today we add yet another evangelical official to the ever-growing mass of flotsam swirling down the drain of conservative political hypocrisy:

Kristin Maguire, the Chairwoman of the S.C. State Board of Education resigned her post shortly before SC poliblog FITSNews published a piece claiming that Maguire is a “prolific author of hardcore erotic fiction on the Internet.” FITS promised something juicy was on the way last Friday, which is actually when she submitted her resignation to the LuvGov himself. The article also alleges that Maguire engaged in lap dances at bars, public indecency at Jenny Sanford’s desk in the governor’s office, and points to a probable cover-up by Sanford’s staff when they were tipped off earlier this year.

While her resignation letter makes no mention of the alleged salacious details, the upstate evangelical apparently acknowledged to FITS that “she had visited certain websites where such material was posted and reviewed.”

This is probably good news for all public school students in S.C., as the home-schooling mom of four had no business chairing the very board responsible for public education policy to start with. She has been a vocal anti-evolutionist and is a strong supporter of “abstinence only” sex education. When she was elevated to lead the S.C. Board, her appointment was hailed as a victory for social conservatives and cheered on Christian blogs and websites across the Southeast.

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I don't give a shit if the South Carolina State Board of Education Chairwoman writes porn but she's an abstinence only educator! I have more of a problem that someone who is a home schooler and anti-evolution is the Chairwoman of the State Board of Education in the first place. That state is a hotbed of nuttiness.
I agree. The point here is that she presumes to lecture everyone on morality but, not atypically, she hasn't got her own act together. Hypocrisy and christianity go hand in hand.
The world could use a little more "Bridget" and a lot less Kristen.
The article also alleges that Maguire engaged in lap dances at bars

There is not enough beer in the world to even contemplate paying for that -

ARGH! My eyes!
There is nothing more exciting than yet another moralizer going down in accusations of hypocrisy.
Going down, you say?

Here's a sampling of the work being attributed to Maguire:

"The rhythmic sway of the train car added to the bobbing of my head as I sucked deeply."
That wasn't the direction I was going with my statement, though your recognition of the double meaning is duly noted.
I agree with PZ Meyers on this one: why the hell is writing porn a reason to leave the office in shame, but pushing creationist bullsh*t is perfectly fine? That is such a twisted world view, it is hard for me to imagine. Guess that's something only the good book can lead to...
True, but any reason to get rid of the brainless works for me.




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