OK, so the Kentucky Creationist Museum is in the New York Times.
Seems a conference of Paleontologists took a tour recently.

As some of you have pointed out, and I thank you, this museum is in Kentucky. The conference was in Cincinnati.

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Moral of the story: Get animatronic dinosaurs at natural science museums
of course! We have one of those "museums" here in the Akron OH area as well. Is it just Ohio?
Crikey, I'm tempted to visit, but I'd hate to add to their coffers, ya know?

My youngest daughter was taught in Bible School at my mother in law's church that Dinos and Humans co-existed, and that the Dinos were on Noah's Arc.
I proceeded to explain to her that these were only stories, like the ones we read at bed time and not to be taken as truth.
That was the last Bible School she attended!
Why did she go to a bible school anyway?
My first experience seeing/hearing about a creation museum was in Bill Maher's 'Religulous'. At first I was tempted to go there, but after reading into it a little more I changed my mind. I don't know if I'm the only one or not, but things like this make me sick. I don't think it should be shut down or anything, because people have a right to express their belief. However, I do think that this "museum" should have a disclaimer with it, warning people that by entering their IQ is subject to change! To think that the hard work of hundreds, maybe even thousands of scientists has been copied and then re-worked to create such a thing really is a blow to the mind.
Not just change their IQ's, lower them.
Never underestimate how stupid people can be. . .
If you want to be technical, the museum is actually located in Northern Kentucky. I haven't been inside, but I have passed it on the way to the casinos in SE Indiana ;-)
My problem is the deceptive nomenclature. By calling itself a museum, it suggests that it has some educational or cultural purpose, but from what I've read about it, the primary purpose is to evangelize. Their local promos even end with "Prepare to believe."
It's good that they have gone so that they know their enemy.
Knowing the enemy is a good thing, albeit confusing and frustrating. A closed mind can only think circularly, thus logic is out the window. I still will, from time to time, catch Jack Van Impe and his wife hawking their latest "must have" on TV. Van Impe travelled frequently to the church of my youth and had his "crusades" recorded as well. Evolution is considered blasphemy to this televangelist. He can prove it! (Biblically, of course~)
Not to be picky, but the museum is in Kentucky, not in Cincinnati, OH. PLEASE, Cinci has enough problems of its own.
Thanks to you who have corrected my posting in informing me the museum is in Kentucky, not Ohio.
I've corrected this in the posting.
There are these atrocities all over the place. Here's a listing.




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