3 new ancient crocodile species fossils found (link)

Including a cool herbivorous crocodile, and a running crocodile there is:

"Anatosuchus minor, "DuckCroc," found in Niger, a 3-foot-long fish-, frog- and grub-eater with a broad snout and Pinocchio-like nose. Special sensory areas on the snout end allowed it to root around on the shore and in shallow water for prey. Its closest relative is in Madagascar."

Okay, so it is more of a duck head on a croc body, so I'm sure Comfort and Co. won't accept it (like they'd accept anything) but this is just TOO damn funny.

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Well, I thought it was funny due to Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's Crocoduck:

They said if evolution was true, there should be one.
Have you ever had gator meat? It kind of tastes like chicken... and duck tastes like greasy/gamey chicken.
Everything tastes like chicken because chicken doesn't taste like anything =P
Well they still haven't found a kirk-witha-brain.
Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron just proved evolution.




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