Thanks for the heads up, Keely. Interesting stuff.

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I love the head nod at 3:02. :-D
David Silverman you're my hero! That has got to be the best spent $20K I have ever seen in advertizing!
Yeah, no kidding. Outnumbered 4 to 1, on a hostile network, he did ridiculously well in the interview.
Yes, at last, somebody is saying the things that really need to be said and not letting himself be bulldozed the sheer weight of the opposition.
Fox News, the new CBN.
Oh, absolutely. They have been for more than a decade, from the start.
If fox has so much faith, why do they have a need to out number him 4 to 1. you would think if they has so much confidence that they would have an even number.
Well, this is Fox and Friends, I think it was. They're kind of a mindless echo-chamber of talking heads to reinforce the faith of the network viewers. They come as a set of 4.
Anyone willing to do a complete transcript? I don't have sound on the computer I'm using and won't be on a computer with sound for a long while...
Faux does transcripts of many of their "interviews" within a day or two. I don't think we can count on them to transcript this one. I can't get streaming video at work so it was last night before I was able to watch it. He really did kick their collective arses. You could tell they were just really regurgitating the "party line" and had given little thought to the possible answers to their leading questions. I think he had studied their playbook.
He did a wonderful job. I think i would have been screaming! There were so many things he didn't get to say because they had him 4 to 1. Ugh!!!




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