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The one commenter who asked if Dawkins has ever even READ the bible was rather amusing.  One could ask the same question to the commenter, especially considering that for many believers, the answer is an astonishing NO.

That's right Loren! Many do not even read the book. They let the church read a few select versus to them.

That's pretty much my response, when I get some Christian asking me something like that.  "I've read the thing cover-to-cover.  Have you?  Yeah, funny how you haven't read your own holy book."

I don't know that print copies really are necessary, though. In today's age, there are plenty of e-sources that could be of use. The bible (KJV) is a good source for seeing the evolution of language. It's also a good source for learning sentence diagramming... But again, you can find free sources without cutting down trees or putting money in religious institutions' coffers.

just steal a gidions from a hotel..thats what they are there for. I hollowed one out and rigged it to "burst into flames" when opened.(stage magic trick). works great! got plans for a few more gimmicked up phantasy books like the koran, torah, etc.




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