St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Annapolis is a house of worship on the brink. It recently voted to explore leaving the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America because of the denomination's decision last month to allow gay people in committed relationships to serve as clergy.

In this week's edition of Oh this shit again Lutherans threaten to fracture as clerical leadership decides that gays are people.

Here we go again. This time the Lutherans are getting their panties in a bunch because the ELCA has decided to allow open homosexuals to minister.

Everything there is to be said about homophobia and the homophobes in religion has been said in my other two posts with Episcopals splitting from the Episcopal church. The parties have changed, but the causes are the same as is my reaction.

Just a fun quote to try and run through your head from a conservative Lutheran contemplating exodus:

'"Once you disconnect from any kind of theological roots, it gets nutty pretty fast, and what's to prevent it from getting nutty?"'

Ah yes, because the theological roots are so sane and solid and unified, aren't they.

Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother
Luke 14:26 If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother... he cannot be My disciple

Yeah, fuck off, buddy. In a way I wish they'd just say they hate gays and that gays make them feel icky. Trying to legitimize their homophobia is just a waste of time for everyone.

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The Christian church has been fracturing ever since Peter disagreed with Paul over who should be allowed in. So now some of the splinters are fracturing again... and over the same issue. I'm with Gandhi on this one:

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
Eh, the Christ is a pretty boring and stupid fictional character.
Boring and stupid fictional character? Well, he did put on some amazing magic shows. Turning water to wine, multiplying fish and bread, and walking on water! lol
Kind of a repeat post. But yours is a good update to it if nothing more, thanks!

As for the "disconnect from any kind of theological roots," when did it become worse to be gay than eating shrimp or cropping your hair? Who gave them the power to determine which of their Lord's laws were more important than the others? And I thought all humans were sinners. Doesn't that mean these pastors just have this as a sin instead of something else?

Within the framework of Christianity, I don't see what makes being gay so much worse than any other sin.
Good point. Many Christians "cherry pick" what things they see as sinful or ok. You see, they may not be "gay" but they sure like their bacon at breakfast!

And preachers are notorious for declaring their own selective scriptural mandates to their followers. Take tithing for example. That you have to do. They want to get their paycheck and many of them are probably worried if they tell their people they are not under the tithe then they won't give. I quit tithing a long time ago even when I was a church going Christian.

While these preachers will demand tithing, they surely won't tell you to execute your children for being unruly although it is in the bible too. The truth is, they pick what they want to enforce.
The truth is, they pick what they want to enforce.

Exactly. The way I figure, the only way the Christian church can survive (aside from destroying the pursuit of knowledge) is to get less hypocritical in their teachings. Sure, acknowledge everything in the Bible that is called a sin is a sin, but also admit that we are all sinners and there is no difference from one sin to the next. This will still make the religion sick and twisted, but it will get it out of a lot of the trouble with social and economic progressiveness that is ongoing. Sure being gay is a sin but so is eating shrimp, so gays and shrimp eaters are both welcome!

Of course this would require rational thinking on the parts of the ground level Christian leadership, and that is not going to happen.
I regularly boil a kid in its mothers milk, I wonder if they'd care if i served in the clergy?.....I could even bring lunch (with unleavened bread, of course) ;)




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