It's from Fox News. I'm sorry!
The Rev. Percy McCray, director of pastoral care and social services for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, said people of faith and their families "tend to want to extend their treatment and care as long as possible because often they are attempting to give God opportunity to perform a miracle."/i>

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I noted this with interest as well. There does not seem to be an absolute rule, partly becaue there are so many more religious than nonreligious people. But the main draw to religion seems to be the promise of an afterlife, and the main drawback to atheism seems to be lack of same. Psychologically, it takes more intellectual integrity to be an atheist. People who can't face mortality are lulled into a more comfortable existential place, by their beleif. ALthough I think that for many the depth of that beleif is not great.

This plays, again, into my beleif that christianity is essentially narcisistic, and that many of the followers are intellectually dishonest fundibabblers.
haha, that's rich.
And i thought they weren't afraid to die. We're supposed to be the ones with a problem with the eventual ends of our lives.
So! They think that God didn't have enough time to do it before?
ha ha ha I guess heaven's not good enough and the opportunity to meet god in person is not a good thing.
But they're just giving god more time to perform a miracle. We all know what a procrastinator god is, so if you give him a bit more time, he'll eventually remember to grant that miracle. If you get a terminal disease, just remember that god is probably on the 14th fairway, so just give him some time to finish his round.




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