Delta Flight Diverted After Bitey Bathroom-Hating Bible-Thumper Loses It

Delta Flight Diverted After Bitey Bathroom-Hating Bible-Thumper Los...

A Delta flight from Seattle to Atlanta was diverted to Nashville after a passenger became unruly, preventing another passenger from getting up to use the bathroom, and quoting bible verses at her. When others attempted to subdue the individual, he tried biting one in the leg.

"Paul Marchuk III was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest by airport police. He was being held on $20,000 bond."

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Reminds me of my return flight, London to New York, a couple of year ago. A Hasidic jew refused to take his seat because - it was next to a woman! Oh - my - ass! The cooties on the woman must have been terrible. Made us an hour late leaving London, hour late at JFK, had to sprint the entire terminal to make the supposedly 1-1/2 hour, now 1/2 hour, connection including customs & immigration. Had I had scissors, I'd have cut his damn curls off, but might have had to fight fifty other angry passengers for the privilege.

"Dogma makes you Crazy" - Rich Orman, Dogma Free America Podcast (not me)
Ah, crazy religious folk never cease to bring interesting behaviors into our lives, do they?



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