My brain hurt so much after reading this editorial that I can't even contemplate tearing it apart. Help me out here.

Oh, and don't miss the comments, especially the amateur physicist/geologist/meteorologist and his/her descriptions of the effects of "the Flood."

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That is some of the most insane shit I've ever read. Someone actually published that as an editorial. Wow.
I could not help but to put Flying Spaghetti Monster every time Jesus or God was mentioned. It makes no difference what specific deity was used to make Mr. Berkin's point, he does not know his "enemy" very well, which is where he ultimately fails. His 'proofs' are the same tired arguments that have been picked apart to many times to mention; Lunatic, Liar, Lord; Evolution is not chance, it is slow and imperfect. It was my heart (on a personal level) that brought me closer to my atheism, I could not stand idly by and watch daily horrors committed in the name of a god. The routine neglect of women. Time, energy and money that could be used to help people, not build walls around us.

I read the Bible, the least he could do is read a bit of Darwin.
This was actually in a newspaper? It was just a badly written rant that had very little to do with its title.

This is just one example of how any idiot can claim that they are using logic and reason. I used to really like the word "logic", but anymore I'm just so turned off by its overuse. Most of the time when a person claims to have a monopoly on logic, they are far from it.
  • Did he really do the research needed to write this or did he just pull words out of his ass?

I'm gonna go with mostly B ... plus a little of the bullshit that idiots like Ray Comfort spew.

is this L.Ron Hubbard?!?!?!....Spinal Tap?!?!?!?!?.....W>>T>>>F>>>?!?!?!?

anyone ever hear of a comic called "brother theo"? go look it up

even Bro.Theo makes more sense.

I grew up in the American Bible Belt.  This editorial is actually the way the religious think and, this is the scary part, most of what you hear from them in real life is even worse.
Well, this guy sat down and actually got his "thoughts" in order, first.  If this is the result, then you can imagine what he's like off-the-cuff.
This clown wouldn’t know logic if it bit him on the ankle. There has to be something truly warped in arguing for logic with statements that miss the logic target by a parsec .
All I see is a rambling disconnected rant by a loon threatened by those who have the gall to reject his own fantasy world delusion.
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