Yes, Romney converted dead Atheist father-in-law to Mormonism

Hasn't he ever heard of respect for the dead?


UPDATE: OK, Public Opinion Poll Time:  Do you guys think we should launch a campaign to get Romney's dead father-in-law back on our side or should we just let this one slide?  I say let it slide.  Sure it's insane and stupid, but it would be even stupider for us to fight it.  We need to pick our battles.

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Yeah, I heard about this on one of the local morning talk shows. Good to see this kind of insanity getting mainstream media coverage.


How long before we discover that Christopher Hitches is now a Mormon.  Especially after his essay on mormonism.

Baptized to bring him back from the dead-dead to just the physically-dead - now his father-in-law can roll over in his grave at the thought of Mitt being potus.

Sounds like the Mormons. I just recently finished a binge reading session at and this is par for the course for them. They believe that families reunite in a special heaven after death, one where polygamy is allowed, for men. Not that anyone would really care. I certainly wouldn't once I am dead. But as a living person, so far, it does tick me off a bit. 

By the way, reading the article sounds like the guy in question was a deist rather than an atheist, at least according to his son who was very disturbed by the idea his father was called an "atheist" on Gawker.. 

Maybe his dad is a zombie?

Problem solved by Bill Maher. He performed a de-baptism on his show last night to free the father-in-law.

video here




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