So often as a non-believer, I hold my tongue: Careful not to "disturb" anyone with my crazy thoughts. But lately I've come to feel that THEY are actually already very disturbed themselves.

I think their ethics have to be called into question on a number of fronts.

- hurting our political system (confusing public policy with religious standards)

- lying to children

- undermining science


Who do I voice these concerns to? The average person on the street? The Head of Church? Many churches? There is no one to police the morals of the religious! No one worth convincing is listening... What's a rational athiest to do?

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I went to Reed College (school motto: communism, atheism, free love)
I can warn you of the dangers of hedonism, but you can't beat the education. We need so many more places where people learn both history and science without any confusion.
Every single conversation you have spreads rational thinking to another mind. Even if you can make one person question, that person will spread it to someone else, who spreads it to someone else. In short, have the conversation with as many people as you can, anywhere you are, everyday.




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