this hurt my brain to read especially the last part

The large, plastic and metallic sculpture parked outside UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, is stoking the angry fires of parents of children who attend nearby Claremont Park Elementary School.

“My daughter suggested that it was funny,” said John Copeland, whose 7-year-old daughter attends summer camp there. “She shouldn’t be talking to me about this. Now I’m forced to explain genetics to her, and why the Bible doesn’t say anything about it.”

Meanwhile, Copeland said he hopes the owner of the plaza removes the sculpture before school starts next month.

“There are 1000 kids in the school that are going to be exposed to it,” he said. “It’s vile and offensive, and kids have no business seeing what God thought fit to hide from our eyes.”

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I think this is some sort of spoof. If you check the link to a related story, it's the exact same story but with a few details changed. The one seems to link to another related story, but I couldn't get the link to work...

The related story can be found here.

Or is it possible that the reporters are just REALLY lazy, or using some kind of template for their stories? I don't know much about how the business works, so I can't say...
The Skepticism is Strong in This One.

(btw, it's satire)

The ultimate questions are: Do people reacting to the anti-DNA situation act the same way for the anti-abstract nude sculptures situation? If not, why not? What's the difference? (and if there is a difference, is it rational?)
I started getting suspicious after googling "Claremont Park Elementary School" and finding none listed in Berkeley... or even in Claremont. Too bad. I wanted to write a story about it for Having been burned by my own credulity before, I now always check for secondary sources. I didn't know it was satire though. I just dropped the idea of writing about it when I couldn't find more information.
Your Bullshit Meter is working well. Kudos.

Hope the underlying issue still makes some sort of impact, or at least brings up some deep thinking and analysis.

(Oh, and I got burned a few times before, myself, and it's one of my missions now to teach others to watch for this sort of stuff.)

Besides all of that, what do you think of the abstract nude sculptures issue?
I prefer this view of the sculpture which includes kids having fun, as they should, rather than the cold isolated portrait the PTA might prefer. I think that the grounds keeper summed up the structure quite nicely, "It's honest and natural."


DNA is vile and offensive because it isn't in the Bible and was hidden from our eyes? Explain me this: if it is so hidden then how do we figure it out? It their god so lame it can't hide anything from us mortals?
This looks like something that would appear in Landover Baptist.
Ever read The Onion? The entire thing is satire posted as news. There is a rich history of satire being used this way to bring attention to important issues.

Fact is, the article is tagged with "Satire," it's in the Satire category on the site, drops multiple hints in the article (hat tips to Poe's Law, for example), links the original article twice, and hints again that it's satire in the footnotes. If after all of that, it's still taken as real news, whoever takes it as such needs a bullshit meter calibration.

It's "fraud" when the author says "This is real." The author here did everything possible to suggest that it was not real up to the point of saying at the top of the article "This is not real." At that point, it's not satire, it's just pointless.
This was not in response to Susan Stanko's comment.

This was in response to someone else who apparently removed all of his comments after my reply to his not so subtle suggestion that my satire might be considered "fraud." I'm leaving my response here for integral purposes.
Well, thanks for the good laugh then!
I just Googled this and I came up with some neat pictures of the artwork. If the parents are having a hard time with this it's because they have nothing better to be offended by at the moment. As if there narrow view of life isn't small enough.



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