Hello everybody,

I am an atheist from Spain 56 years old and atheist since 1968.
Currently I am a spokesperson for the Cyberateos ~ Inicativa Atea Association (http://cyberateos.org), legally registered in Spain with over 3.000 participants and 80 registered paying members.

I am responsible to organise the campaigns for the spreading of what we consider to be a possible Universal Atheist Symbol. 

The symbol is well spread in Europe and Latin America. 

The design goes back to the year 2000 (ages in cyberspace) it came out of a series of democratic virtual assemblies held by the the LIST cyberateos.

Now a days is being used by many groups and individuals to express their affinity with atheism (mainly in Latin cultures).

So what I am proposing is that, in the English-speaking cultures open their minds to a symbol that by far transmits globally the message of atheism.

The ATOM and the scarlet A are very limited to pass the message of atheism, they are condemned to refrain to minority groups where they only understand that the symbol is related to atheism.

This symbol we are proposing is a literal and geometrical anagram where you can read in more than 80 languages the root letters for ATheism. We nick named this symbol A/T.

A = negation of T = theism  O = horizontal equality.

Here you can see several videos of different designs of A/T:

Well enough for today I hope you understood the message and enjoyed de relaxing music.

More to come your way :-).

Atheistically yours


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[Soulf2] said:

So many already... http://www.google.com/images?q=atheist+symbol.

[Aberingi] replies:

No never is too many.

Look at this link: http://doiop.com/Simbolo-Ateo-Universal
As you can see looking for atheist symbol (símbolo ateo) in Spanish we don't have this problem
the A/T symbol has become the reference for atheism.

On the other hand in this link of yours (http://www.religioustolerance.org/atheist6.htm) the A/T symbol is only referred as another sugesstion, which is not bad, look:

So, when Anglo-Saxon atheism is going to come out of the closet and start to feel that atheism is a part of human nature and instead of looking at our belly button adopts an universal atheist symbol that can be understood by the majority of humankind? (long question?

Look even the Catholics in their page of 4.230.000 visits recognises the A/T symbol:

Here is the A/T symbol: http://radiocristiandad.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/smboloateo.jpg
This is the page that holds the A/T symbol:http://radiocristiandad.wordpress.com/

Obviously they have used the symbol to have a go at the atheists, nevertheless they have recognised the A/T symbol as a reference to atheism.

In regards to the ATOM; it is difficult to draw, it limits itself to science, the atom is out of date scientifically speaking, it is used mainly by English-speakers... what else can I say in favour of A/T?.

The same applies to the scarlet A, except that it is easy to draw. But the limitation is the A can be confused with "negation" "atheism"...

Please freethinkers open your minds, from the simplest things comes the greatest ideas.



Why are you posting this here ? There have been endless discussions on this subject elsewhere. This group is for news items. How about you take the site search page for a test drive and move along.
Harshly put, but I agree. I think that this would've been a better topic for the Chariots of Iron group, and maybe the guys would discuss it on the show.
Sorry I thought I was doing the right thing.

I consider, due to the circumstances, my posts to news, I am informing the Anglo-Saxon atheist commnunity of the existance of another atheist symbol around the World that is well spread and that needs to be known.

If you consider that I should stop this thread just let me know and I will stop posting here about the Universal Atheist Symbol.



That symbol looks far too close to a forestry symbol that I can't find at the moment, but know I've seen on orienteering and military maps. It also looks kinda like mma/K1 fighter Alistair Overeem's symbol (which looks like the symbol for anarchy).

(To be clear, the Dr. Manhattan isn't a criticism, just a joke.)
I prefer the scarlet letter as Dawkins proposed.
Yes it looks like the anarchist symbol but it is not, is different full stop.
It is also similar to the PEACE symbol :-)
There are hundreds of symbols that could be similar BUT NOT THE SAME!.
A/T symbol is unique and it is widely used in Latin countries.



It's not different, it is the anarchist symbol with just one vertical line added connecting the center of the A to the bottom of the circle. If I took the Mona Lisa and painted a big red X on it, it wouldn't be a totally different painting, it would be the Mona Lisa with a big red X painted on it.
The first hippy-esque example is entirely too hard on the eyes, the second resembles some tribal star-treckian new-age swastika.
How can a simple scarlet "A" be so difficult to comprehend for non Anglos, yet "A,T" be practically universal. Makes no sense.
Having said all that, I don't particularily feel the need for a universal symbol. But a symbol, or logo, should be a simple thing, not a multi-hued, swirly visual assault. A simple thing, like the scarlet letter.
Why not

I like it. It's reminiscent of the Anarchist symbol. That'll do for me.
It's also a cousin of the hippy symbol PEACE.




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