Hello everybody,

I am an atheist from Spain 56 years old and atheist since 1968.
Currently I am a spokesperson for the Cyberateos ~ Inicativa Atea Association (http://cyberateos.org), legally registered in Spain with over 3.000 participants and 80 registered paying members.

I am responsible to organise the campaigns for the spreading of what we consider to be a possible Universal Atheist Symbol. 

The symbol is well spread in Europe and Latin America. 

The design goes back to the year 2000 (ages in cyberspace) it came out of a series of democratic virtual assemblies held by the the LIST cyberateos.

Now a days is being used by many groups and individuals to express their affinity with atheism (mainly in Latin cultures).

So what I am proposing is that, in the English-speaking cultures open their minds to a symbol that by far transmits globally the message of atheism.

The ATOM and the scarlet A are very limited to pass the message of atheism, they are condemned to refrain to minority groups where they only understand that the symbol is related to atheism.

This symbol we are proposing is a literal and geometrical anagram where you can read in more than 80 languages the root letters for ATheism. We nick named this symbol A/T.

A = negation of T = theism  O = horizontal equality.

Here you can see several videos of different designs of A/T:

Well enough for today I hope you understood the message and enjoyed de relaxing music.

More to come your way :-).

Atheistically yours


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Ugh... Those colours make it an eye-sore.

I need some eye bleach!

You are so funny :-)

how about this one?




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