Documents show links between Prop. 8 campaign and church leaders [Updated]

Documents show links between Prop. 8 campaign
and church leaders [Updated]

January 20, 2010 |  3:09 pm

Documents unveiled during today's federal same-sex marriage trial revealed close links between the Proposition 8 campaign and leaders of
the Catholic and Mormon churches.

Over the objections of defenders of Proposition 8, challengers presented an e-mail that said the Catholic Church played a substantial
role in providing volunteers and money to get the measure qualified for
the ballot.


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*sighs* Figures. On one hand, I see many of my christian friends (including those that are straight) doing thier part to help fight for LGBT rights...and then this BS from the top of the hierarchy happens. One wants to strike back against it even to the point of striking at the heart of the problem (the religious texts that have these kind of verses in it) but doesn't want to hurt truly caring people in the process by attacking thier faith. I guess this is a version of the how atheists must find ways to be critical about relgion (both from logical and moral perspectives) but not driving people away at the same time.
The Mormons are real savvy when it comes to exploiting religious exemptions for business purposes (even more than tithes, it's the main reason the Mormon Church is so wealthy). They're probably no less savvy in skirting around the rules concerning religion and politics.
Does this cross the separation of church and state line enough that it could result in an attack on the tax status of the religious organizations?
I hope so.
The evidence is there, and this isn't the first time. The REAL question is: will the courts actually pony up the cojones to charge those involved churches with violation of their tax-exempt status and drop the hammer on 'em?
Do we really want to see a full blown, guns blazin' Tea Party revolt? Hmm...
I wanna see churches that get political held accountable for their actions. Too much to ask? Probably ... but I STILL WANT IT.
Do we really want to see a full blown, guns blazin' Tea Party revolt? Hmm...

Actually, the cynic in me kind of does want to see that. Hopefully one without casualties, but just close enough to scare the wits out of those teabaggers with a little bit of brain and morality left.

It took the Titanic to finally convince us that our ships aren't so unsinkable. I fear it will take a scary uprising to illustrate that yes, the teabaggers are as crazy as the rest of us have been saying they are.
I thought the role of various churches was a given?

Wonderful use of church funds.


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