Don't ask, Don't Tell overturned: let the religious hysteria begin!

Yep: A federal court in Riverside, California, ruled Thursday that the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy -- which bars gay men and lesbians from serving openly -- is unconstitutional.

DADT overturned

So, time for Pat Robertson to start screaming about how the US is now vulnerable to the Devil or whatever.

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I thought it was pretty funny seeing the numbers when I got this alert from the Washington Post:

LOL! Very appropriate!
This won't be the last of it. There is always another word to overturn the last word. Not wanting to be a pessimist, but that seems to be how it goes.
I may be a little behind the news here, but wasn't DADT already repealed by Congress this summer? Please don't tell me it is still a law!
Sorry, double post!
I believe they voted to include the repeal of DADT in the 2011 Defense Authorization Bill but not to overturn it on it's own.
Additional thought: I've not seen anything about Defense Directive 1332.14 being repealed, that being the article of the US Code of Military Justice directing that homosexuality is incompatible with military service and that gay soldiers should be removed from service, so my question is: does this now give the US armed forces a license to witch-hunt gay service members?
It's worth noting that the challenge to DADT was brought by the Log Cabin Republicans. This puts the Republican party in a quandry. Do they alienate their gay constituents or their fundie constituents. You can be sure that there are a bunch of people behind the scenes doing the math.
The republical party doesn't accept their Log Cabin group anyway. They don't care about alienating their gay constituents. The Log Cabin group is like the hated child who keeps coming back home.
Of course they will alienate 'their' gays, but to be a gay republican anyway is a sign of Stockholm syndrome, so it won't really matter.
The judicial reasoning is right that it is a huge restriction on free speech and expression, not just on saying "I'm gay" but also a lot of other related talk and even nonverbal, and that the secretiveness is not helpful to the military.



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