Don't Let Her Die: Emergency Abortions Must Be Performed At All Hospitals

In a disturbing development, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix is pressuring one of the nation's largest hospital systems to stop providing life-saving abortions. This extreme stance by the diocese was made public yesterday after the media published a vitriolic letter that the Bishop of Phoenix, Thomas Olmsted, wrote to Catholic Healthcare West (CHW).

This issue stems from an abortion that was performed in a Phoenix hospital, St. Joseph's, which is part of CHW, in November 2009. The woman, a young mother of four children, would have died if she did not receive an abortion.
Here's the link:

This exactly the kind of stupidity one would expect from the catholic church.

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Yes it is.

I've had it with this Catholic bashing. Next you'll be telling me that the Pope himself facilitated the shuttling of child rapists out of their parishes to avoid prosecution.


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