Doomsday prophet Harold Camping has retired from his rapture-ministry

While his Family Radio Corporation is neither confirming or denying it, several news sources report today that Harold Camping, whose predicted May 21 and Oct. 21 rapture and end of the world failed to materialize, has retired from his radio ministry.


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Has anyone seen him since Oct 21?


leave the poor guy alone! he is over 90ys old, suffering from a stroke and cant even think right anymore.(no I dont want to debate wether he could think at all).

go after his ministry/con biz. but have a little human compassion for the man.

he is broken and knows it. we have won.

its time to leave HIM alone.

put time and effort into something that will do something like shutting down "family radio".

I might feel more sorry for him if it wasn't for the hundreds of millions of dollars that he's conned people out of, for decades.  Then there are the dozens or hundreds of people who blew their life savings on his con.  Once you cause that level of harm, the statute of limitations never expires, and no mitigating factor can be sufficient.

so you yourself would be willing to confront him personaly and try to make him "get it" when he is adelpated enough to "not get it" until he just expires?(rhetorical q).

aaarrrrrggggggg.....thump! (thats harry ..expiring and falling over)  ;)


He will never understand, especialy now and, in my opinion its a wast of time to persue one individual in this condition.

like I said..he is a broken man, he is aware of what he has done. its just petty revenge at this point, I think to keep pursuing him personally.

the more important target is the ministry he has left behind and the spread of the lies etc.. that it spreads. the classic big, sincere (really sick) religious con job. the money is all in the ministry.

in summing, i guess as I see it, I know you see it diff...( believe it or not I am cool with that..socrates..broad back..thick skin etc..) this old fuck is going to die soon anyway. dont need to wast time with him. its the org that survives him that is to be confronted now.

my $1.25


I wouldn't bother anything with him directly, no. No point. I believe he's completely beyond reasoning, at this point. Just saying that I feel no pity for him and am all for abusing him publicly. prob with that. I say let him rot in the hell he has made for himself. the hell is the fucked up brain functions and distorted reality that even he is aware of.

i think we are on the same street. I am just in the cafe across from you.

I say..just fuck him..he is a dead man. concentrate on the "minions" he has left behind. dont even give him a mention anymore. dead man. totaly irrelevent at this point.

and as far as the $$s tyhat the "believers" sent..well..from my experience in the "church" (ya I was one of those fucks.....go ahead....let it out...) these people..well about 99% (hhmmmm) will just write it off psycologicaly as " was godz $$s so he can do with it as he sees fit"(dopy, dopy, dopy).

so I dont feel for them either.

Do they have good chai over there?  The chai in this cafe sucks.
How do you shut down Family Radio without attacking it's founder, guiding light and, until this month, chief operating officer? The corporation reflects its creator's belief system like a mirror.
Harold, please don't retire - think of the lulz! You wouldn't want to deprive us, would you?

BTW...I cycled past his house on the 21st. I live a few miles from him.

all was quiet. its a nice quiet neighborhood and, as far as I am concerned should stay that way.

It's weird to me how so many groups like this survive their failed predictions.  This is basically how the Jehovah's Witnesses started, with a prediction of the second coming in 1914.  It's where the Seventh-Day Adventists came from, starting with William Miller's prediction of the second coming in 1843-1844.  It's even where Christianity as a whole came from, apparently expecting the second coming within years/decades of Jesus, which obviously also failed.  (Unless you're a preterist)

So Camping's group may not just die out with his failure and death.  And I'll never understand this mindset.


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