I'm really just rather curious about other peoples opinion's and/or thoughts on Draw Mohammad Day.

Is anyone here attending/drawing something?

Do you know about Draw Mohammad Day?

Were you there for the first Draw Mohammad Day?

Just wanna know what other peoples are thinking?!?!


Here's one of my favorite DMD videos!




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I've been aware of it, but I haven't participated.  I can't manage more than stick figures.


Love your pet's name, by the way.  I couldn't comment, since you're set to private.

Whoops my bad .. changed it


I have ideas I've been writing down and I'm working on a piece for it now that i wanna post on the facebook page for DMD2.


Cool.  So, what's Nugget's contribution to the quest, anyway?  He handles catering?
Well Nugget only helped out once in my quest and now I'm not to sure she does much anymore :l ... let's just look at her contribution as something more symbolic?!?
Ah, so you could say that she ... sustained your energy to pursue your quest, at an important juncture in the past, and now she has more of a role in dealing with the skeletal framework of your quest's path?

I couldn't have said it more beautifully myself :)

I can't manage more than stick figures either but I think that's enough skill to show Muslims where they can "stick" their religious intolerance.

I did a stick figure on the last one for Facebook and a couple of other places.  One friend de-friended me on Facebook out of at least 3 Muslims.


I will probably do it again, but I'm not sure what the point is this year.

... but I'm not sure what the point is this year.

Reinforcing the meme that we won't put up with the Muslims telling us what we can and can't do with their religious symbols.  It's a step in civilizing them.

We draw a stick figure of their so called prophet and write the name Mohammad underneath to prove they are not above any criticism that the rest of the world is scrutiny to.

In return they burn flags and shout death threats and call us the "intolerant" ones.

It's time Islam stepped forward into the Age of Enlightenment .. something the rest of us went through in the 15th century!

Bloody hell I meant 18th century!
Yeah, unfortunately, while Europe was enjoying the Enlightenment, Islam was undergoing a fundamentalist revival.




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