I'm really just rather curious about other peoples opinion's and/or thoughts on Draw Mohammad Day.

Is anyone here attending/drawing something?

Do you know about Draw Mohammad Day?

Were you there for the first Draw Mohammad Day?

Just wanna know what other peoples are thinking?!?!


Here's one of my favorite DMD videos!




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Stephan, I eventually lost a friend because of this picture: He portrayed himself as moderate for months on end, (in what I suspect was an unsuccessful attempt to get laid by me), but was offended by my making fun of people who believe that if they die a martyr they will get 72 virgins, and thought it was especially insulting b/c they believe homosexuality is wrong. He responded by posting anti-Semetic links.


These are the kind of friends we should be glad to get rid of!

Yup, that's my general stance on the subject.  Anyone who takes their beliefs too seriously to joke about them is too easily offended to be my friend.
I didn't last year, not sure why...this year I will. I'm going to come up with a speach for him about marrying as many women as possible so you can maximize your oppression of them and to not forget to beat the shit out of them if they get out of line.
Last year I drew Mohammed in a burka. :)
I drew "Mohammed the Pimp" with some burqa-and-bikini clad ladies!

Freakin Awesome! :D

When was it last year? I forget.

Draw Mohammad day is May 20th just as it was last year ... and coincidentally a day before the supposed end of the world!!

Or at least this is one of our newer and somewhat more fanatical end of the world dates. I'm pretty sure if we asked every end of the world believer we would have dates for every day of the year where it was supposed to end.

Everyone needs to have themselves a "The world didn't end party" that day! Just so we have an excuse to drink and be merry! (and for the lolz!)

Everyone needs to have themselves a "The world didn't end party" that day! Just so we have an excuse to drink and be merry! (and for the lolz!)

My local group is doing this, yes.

Well obviously God will prevent the world from ending to show that he supports Draw Mohammed Day.

Thanks for the heads up, I missed it last year. I'll be sure and post mine here on AN.


I kept a close eye on Draw Mohammad Day last year, both the controversy regarding the issue, the reasoning for the issue and the responses as an aftershock. As for participating, I don't think I got around to that last year, however, since that event I have been keeping a fairly active blog, so I will likely participate and post a drawing made in MS Paint since I will be at work that day.



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