No surprise here. You knew some hi-profile religious wingnut would make this claim, didn't you?


Joseph Farah is the editor of World Net Daily, a conservative online news service he founded with the intent "exposing wrongdoing, corruption and abuse of power," especially within the "liberal elite" and the Washington power structure. It publishes news, editorials and commentaries, often promoting conspiracy theories about things like the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Obama's birth certificate.
Yesterday (Aug. 23) Joseph Farah, an evangelical Christian, published an editorial about a different kind of conspiracy; a divine one concerning the earthquake that struck Virginia and a hurricane headed towards the East Coast:

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Someone should have told him not to get AT&T.  Their reception in Heaven is terrible.

and the 2 earthquakes we just had in Calif.....we live on an active planet just gets better.

living in calif you get the attitude that its just a free roller coaster ride.


Don't you know those two earthquakes were God's judgement on Californians for... um, being too laid back?
Some judgment. I didn't even know it was an earthquake until later. I thought my chair was shaking b/c of a cat sharpening her claws behind it!
I have a co-worker claiming that the magnetic poles are shifting and causing all these natural disasters. And that "people" on television are predicting earthquakes. I keep trying to explain to him that this is normal and the pole shift takes millions of years but he won't listen so I've given up...
Whether god is a moron or an asshole, his worshippers only worship out of fear. And you can't really love someone when you're afraid of being pulverized by them.




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