Catholic Church leaders have given Julia Roberts' new movie, "Eat Pray Love," the thumbs-down for ignoring the faith.


Catholic News Service officials in Washington, D.C., have suggested that faithful film fans should skip the adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling travel memoir because Roberts, as Gilbert, fails to seek spiritual guidance in Rome during the "Eat" section of the movie.


A review of the film written by CNS's John Muldering reads, "Though she (Roberts' character) seemingly hits every restaurant in town, she gives the churches a pass, the implication being that she knows better than to look to Catholicism for insight."


The news service has given the movie an "L" classification, suggesting the film may trouble some devout Catholics with "content many adults would find troubling."


To make matters worse for Catholics, Roberts, who grew up a Catholic, has recently become a Hindu after spending time in an ashram in India while filming the "Pray" section of the film.


The actress recently told Elle magazine, "I'm definitely a practicing Hindu."

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Well, I guess that's good too, in its own way, since the cliche is that only bland-faced plastic-surgeried women are considered attractive. Still...I don't see the appeal.
Yeah, it's like with Pamela Anderson. I can see how she's attractive in a sterile sort of way, like a sculpture. I just can't imagine being sexually attracted to her, though. Well, part of that is the brain issue, with her. Stupid is a major turn-off, for me.
I thought it was "Eat, Prey, Lust" that got them all hot and bothered.
The catholic church chooses the most asinine things to throw a hissy fit over. I don't see how anyone smarter than an acorn could still respect them.
The hissy fits are distractions from the RCC unfolding crimes against children. How anyone can still accept the RCC as a moral force is beyond my comprehension.
Shhhh! Quiet everyone! Kiddie Fuckers R Us wants to take a brief pause in diddling our children for a second to tell us how a movie showing someone eating in Rome, but not praying in Rome, might shake our faith.
They don't want people to wake up and realize that pasta and gelattos are more spiritually fulfilling than catholicism.
They don't want people to wake up and realize that pasta and gelattos are more spiritually fulfilling than catholicism.

One word: Pastafarianism.

Sooooooo much tastier than communion wafers.
Do you notice they have a problem with everything? Instead of doing good in the world and being actual productive members of society, they just sit around and pray and worry about what people say about them.

As for Julia Roberts being a Hindu... I don't know if I buy that. Probably the celebrity fad of the moment.

A couple years ago I tried to read "Eat Pray Love" since my sister suggested it and I could not get through it... one part was very preachy (though the author said it was not) and I really didn't want to hear about some rich primadonna complaining while she was clearly rich and relatively had nothing to complain about.
Sounds like something I should put on my list of books/movies to read/watch just to see how crappy they really are.

Isn't it basically about someone who went through a breakup, then traveled to a bunch of countries to 1. eat, 2. pray, and 3. the falls in love and everything is happily ever after?

Yeah, I can't stand reading about rich people's unbearable problems. Must be nice to take off to a new country every time you feel sad.
Tell me about it! Yes that seems to be the plot by the sound of it. I couldn't finish the book due to all the religious/spiritual bullshit at the beginning of the book-and this was even before she started talking about her rich lady's spiritual quest around the world.



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