There have been so many attacks on Christian Churches in Egypt over the last year that it's hard to remember the details of this one - the stark facts are that it took place on Jan 7 2010 (Christmas Day for Coptic Christians) and seven people were killed.

One man has just been sentenced to death for his part in the killings and two of his accomplices are to receive their sentences next month.


So far this year, 24 Christians have been killed and 5 wounded in Egypt because there is no god but Allah.


Story here


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Very useful for Mubarak as he needs U.S. aid in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood down. I don't say he did it though. It's just that when GOD is invoked I wan't to know who gains, either financially or in terms of power.
This is a start for a little justice and defense of civil liberties but I don't see how Egypt can get much farther in it without addressing the fundamental flaws in Islam itself.




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