Episode 019: Gimmie that atheist front hug

After this week's atheist news, I look forward to the day when I, Joe Prova, must come to you and say that religious people haven't done enough loony shit in the last week to justify me bothering with a news podcast. Alas, that week is not this week. Brother Richard joins me so that I have someone to listen to me rant like a madman for an hour. I also subject him (and you) to almost three minutes of christian rap music.

Thank me later.

Speaking of thanks: Lord Scarab rocks my socks. Thanks for posting last week's show, old chap.

In the news: Is Belief in God Hurting America? Ireland's clergy and police for were in cahoots. "Cut out of an arm chair for Jesus." The seal of the confessional is apparently more important than your.... The former pope kicked his own ass. Give me an atheist front hug any day of the week.
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The term they used was dihydrogen monoxide.
HAHAH yeah... Oh and mojo! I found this version you might like...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwDSkeOcA5c" target="_blank">

it contains the definition of Ruff ryder.....
As a water plant operator I am sick of that joke...especially when other water plant operators try to pull on me.
It's a memetic disease.
When Brother Richard mentioned the expensive vegan restaurant, I instantly thought of this:

i asked some kids that go to these youth cults if they new about this, they said no. i explained what it was then told them about the "atheist front hug" and actually got one thanks mojoe.


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