We start the show off with a brief and totally random introduction to who your hosts for this show are. We figured we shouldn't always assume everyone knows who we are. At least once a year we should give a brief synopsis just to keep everyone up to speed, so this week you get one. The Atheist News Podcast host review. Lucky you! We move on to this weeks poll and discuss the results. As I further dig my hole with my female listenership, Richard heroically refuses to touch me with a ten-foot-pole.

After that we do some listener mail and then get to the news. We have some good ones this week and it's a pretty philosophical show over-all. If you have any thoughts, feel free to email them to me or send them via the contact form. Also check out our new poll. It should be up for a while so we can collect some data.

Also, as I may have already mentioned, our Facebook fan-page is up and running, so "Like" us over on Facebook and help spread the word!

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I just stuck the poll up on atheistnews.org. I don't want to have it in more than one place, or counting the results will be difficult. I am lazy. It could also skew the results, which is bad and stuff.




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