Episode 034: To burn, or not to burn--that is the question

This week, on the Atheist News Podcast, we start off talking about the whole Quran burning fiasco. All this nonsense makes me wonder: when is it OK to burn a book? Is it ever OK? Are books a bit of a "sacred cow," or are we reticent to burn them for a good reason? Listen to the show first, then head to http://www.atheistnews.org/ and check out the poll we have up. If you have a more complicated perspective, go ahead and hit me up on the contact form.

After that, do the atheist news dance and as a change of pace we save the listener mail for the end of the show. Thank you to everyone who wrote in regarding the topic of rape. I think two weeks is probably enough torture to the people who just don't care to hear any more about it, so I decided to not get into it this show. I'll continue to reply via e-mail and may even post a few up on the site and we can talk about it there.

Thousands in Afghanistan protest now-suspended plan to burn Korans

How To Kill Goyim And Influence People: Leading Israeli Rabbis Defend Manual for For Killing Non-Jews

Cordova Christians put out welcome mat for mosque

Self labeled Christian counterpart to Osama Bin Laden arrested for bomb threat

Stem Cell Financing Ban Ends, for Now

Court won't order California to defend Prop 8

Teach the Controversy!

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Soooo ... why are you people named after a fuzzy, flightless bird? :-D
I'd have gone with the fruit. :-P
Well, at least they're cuter than a chicken.
Further PROOF of Richard's cultural ignorance and insensitivity.

I say a good lynching is in order.
Umm, holy crap. I just noticed that last bit, in the initial post:

Teach the Controversy!

I only looked at the site for 60 seconds, since I need to hit the shower and get somewhere, but it looks like that's a serious site, not Poe. Are they for real?
Looks real enough to me. Contact number, etc. I don't know why it's awesome, but it's pretty damn awesome.




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