To all those who live across the lake...

"Yet following the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, and the rise of atheism, contemporary Europe has become deeply secularized. Church attendance and religious practices are in decline; cathedrals often feel more like museums than places of worship; and Christian leaders find it difficult to convince their flock of their official social doctrines and values."

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ok, next all we have to do is bring that over to america
"cathedrals often feel more like museums than places of worship"

And that's exactly how I treated them on my trip to Ireland.
This doesn't work in nations in which a majority, or even a substantial minority, of the citizenry actively supports a theocracy. That's why an Enlightenment is not forthcoming in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and other such nations. Sadly, it's also why the Enlightenment is being eroded and is on such shaky ground in the United States.


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