Tidd is an outlaw pastor of sorts. His community, less than a year old, is an evangelical Christian church guided both by the Apostle's Creed and the belief that gay people can embrace their sexual orientation as God-given and seek fulfillment in committed same-sex relationships.

Disagreements over homosexuality and the Bible have divided mainline Protestant churches for years. In evangelical churches, though, the majority view has held firm -- the Bible clearly condemns homosexual acts. The common refrain at evangelical churches: "love the sinner, hate the sin."

This is another good example of humanist concepts informing religion. They like to think that their actions are informed by ancient texts, instead they are reading ancient texts just like the rest of us they're filters are just a few years behind.

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Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him?

*laughs* I had the same thought.

Re-shape our ancient texts until they fit our modern agenda. What a shocker, never heard of that before!





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