Martin Rowson is a british cartoonist and author whose scathing satirical illustrations have appeared in newspapers like The Guardian, The Independant, The Daily Mirror and the Morning Star. For 8 years his "cheeky Godlessness" has also decorated the covers and interior of New Humanist magazine, voice of the Rationalist Association and one of the world's oldest continuously published magazines (starting life as The Literary Review in 1885, according to NH).


And now, that "cheeky Godlessness" is on exhibet for 3 days in London. I especially like Rowan's version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. More here.



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In case you don't recognize him, that's Richard Dawkins getting "the finger" from God.
Why am I just learning about Martin and his awesome cartoons now? I so wish we could get an exhibit like that here in the states.
I would so go to that exhibit!


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