The city of Miami, Oklahoma has had a spate of severe weather problems in recent years. It has been lashed by storms of ice, wind and snow. Rain has caused near-record floods. But now they have come up with a unique solution. When severe weather threatens, they dial up the city's emergency 9-1-1 prayer group for a little divine intervention!
Apparently, it works. (more, including frappuccino and voodoo, here)

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Funny how prayer only seems to work on entirely natural phenomena that could go either way. If weather prayer was actually efficacious how do we explain
the apparent attraction for lightening to churches...
Make mine a double-tall mocha please.
Nothing like a good bit of mind-numbing stupidity to start the day...*facepalm*
Tornado season is just starting to amp up, they are going to be inundated with calls for prayers. I remember when a Jehovah's witness came to my door and asked my why I thought the hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. "It was a hurricane, a natural phenomenon not uncommon to the gulf of mexico," I replied then shut the door on her. :D
I'm going to pray to Satan that it is sunny here in Arizona tomorrow (a state where it is sunny 7 out of 8 days). If it works, can we assume that Satan is more powerful than god?
If it doesn't work, can we assume the opposite?
Or we can claim that the Flying Spaghetti Monster touched the weather with his noodly appendage and skewed the results of the experiment.


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