The Faith and Freedom Coalition is an American Christian conservative 501(c)(4)[1] non-profit organization with an avowed commitment to "




By education do you mean teaching students and adults creationism? Is that adequately preparing our voters and students for enlightened, well reasoned and preparation for the 21st century?


equipping, and mobilizing people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens."


Are you intending to equip and mobilize people to take over the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government, local and national to perpetrate your religion on the rest of us?


pro-life cause,


Can you honestly believe that grown up, mature, well educated women can not make health decisions for themselves and their families. Are womrn to be breed stock, like cows, sows, sheep, and to be traded for cock-fighting roosters?


opposes same-sex marriage,


This notion is so far from reasonable I cannot believe people continue to be concerned about it. People are born with different sexual characteristics. You may believe god made people, and if that is so, god made homosexuals. You and your god are not only warring against homosexuals, at one time it was against people of different color, now it is women. Who will it be after you get done with us? The world you desire looks more like “The Handmaid's Tale” to me.


supports limited government,


Government has a place in society and the more we take government out of its appropriate role, we have a deterioration of our country. We don’t have government to only protect property; we also have people and the earth to think about. Mining people and the earth for profit may seem realistic to you, but have you noticed the price people and the earth pay for out of control profit seekers.  


lower taxes,


Yes, you want to lower taxes on the owners of wealth, but what about the people left behind, homeless, hungry, uneducated, without access to health care. You expect wage earners and small business to pay the costs of your wars-for-profit.


education reform,


You demonstrate what you mean by education reform when you close schools, fire teachers, cut back on basic science research and open private schools where only the wealthy can learn the things they need to be good citizens. Jefferson intended to provide public education in order to have an informed electorate.


works to help "the poor, the needy, and those who have been left behind",


That is the biggest joke of all; you have created an industry of rescuing but not going to the source of the causes of poverty, the needy and those who have been left behind. Do you offer crumbs, rags, palliatives thinking you help solve problems? You maintain and perpetuate the causes of these enemies. 


supports the free market,


We know what “free market” means, exploit, manipulate, those people and nations who are weak and to secure benefit for your greed. There is no such thing as a free market as long as there is an un-free workforce, an un-level playing field, and inequality of information.


supports a strong national defense


AH Ha! Here is a good one, support war mongers who benefit by the machinations of warring. Don’t believe for a minute that killing, maiming, destroying cultures, and ruining farm land is “National Defense”! It is National Greed.


backing for Israel.[2] 


Israel was created out of nothing and may return to nothing. It is not going to be the lynch pin of your Armageddon if I can help it. The only reason Israel and Palestine have such enmity between them is because it was created for political and economic reasons of others.


In 2009, Ralph E. Reed, Jr. founded the group. He describes it as "a 21st century version of the Christian Coalition".[3]  Reed designed the coalition as a bridge between the Tea Party movement and evangelical voters.[4]


Build a bridge between uneducated, uninformed groups of people and evangelicals sounds like a coalition made in hell.


What we need are people who are informed by science, not by dogma, to make decisions about how we are to provide support for people and nations to become all that they can be; To provide research, to solve complex problems facing us. The bible or dogma, or tradition can provide beautiful churches, warm congregations, loving families gathered to celebrate traditions, but it has no place for government. 

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