A fake bishop actually made it into a secret meeting of cardinals in the Vatican. Before doing so he posed for pictures with one of them. He was eventually discovered by Swiss guards who noticed his attire was less than appropriate. Per the article:


Ralph Napierski, dressed in fake ecclesiastical robes with a purple scarf  tied  around his waist, shook hands and chatted with archbishops and cardinals  as  they arrived. The imposter dodged Vatican security measures and sneaked into the  closed-door  conference. But Swiss Guards soon frogmarched him out after noticing his suspiciously  short cassock and unusual crucifix...Before he was rumbled, the fake holy man said Catholic bishops had made a  mistake by moving priests accused of paedophilia around different parishes...The Catholic Church continues to be rocked by scandals inside and out of the  Vatican – including the resignation of Britain’s Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who  yesterday admitted that his sexual conduct had “fallen below the standards  expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal”. 


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That's a great story!  Technically, I'd say that all the bishops are fake. 

I find great pleasure in seeing the Catholic church in such disarray and being the recipient of public scorn in the spotlight, knowing how many lives they've ruined.  This is one useless organization that needs to be taken down and dismantled. 

I wholeheartedly agree. I'm surprised that more people don't appear to realize it. Shortly before he stepped down there was an international news piece showing the cardinals taking their turns at kissing Benedict's ring while it was on his hand. I had to wonder why seemingly so few people recognized such a thing as an assault on dignity no matter who was wearing the ring. I suspect the answer is that too many people are motivated primarily by being on the side they think is winning. I have to wonder how many more innocent children will have to be molested before the Church appears to the masses to represent the side that is losing. 




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