Five-year-old Erick Winston Jr. needs a kidney transplant.

By the first month of being pregnant with Erick Jr., Shaneka Winston was already experiencing contractions. At three months, physicians discovered that Erick had an enlarged bladder. After five months, doctors said things did not look good for the baby. Physicians suggested inducing labor. The baby would likely be lost.

The Winstons told the doctors no. They would not induce labor.

“It would be up to God what happened to this child,” Shaneka said in a past interview. “This baby would be in God’s hands.”

His father was the first to be tested as a possible transplant match.

“I told them they didn’t need to test me,” the elder Winston said this week. “I knew I’m a match. But even if I wasn’t a match, I knew everything would be all right. This child is destined for something. Even if I wasn’t the match, God has something for him, but it just turned out that the match was his old man.”

Maybe he should put more faith in doctors and ignore the voices in his head. Link

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This child is destined for something.

Yeah, he'll probably die of an easily preventable illness before he's 10.
He's such a damn cute kid! That was the main reason I posted this story. He is going to need so much medical attention and that sucks, since his dad needs to know that god wants him to be treated before he gets treatment. Sad!
If god is going to help his son get through this then why get a transplant? God will take care of that.




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