Federal appeals court overturns Prop. 8: California's gay marriage ban

Religious Right vows to appeal. Decries decision as "judicial activism" and an example of the "Hollywood homosexual agenda." They warn that destruction of the family and traditional marriage will result.

More here: http://www.examiner.com/atheism-in-los-angeles/court-overturns-prop...

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Yay - I saw that on the news! Finally some positive news.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but it's worth noting that the decision by the three-judge panel was NOT unanimous. There was a Bush appointee in there who apparently didn't see anything wrong with Prop 8 becoming law.

Of course, those who want to insist on denying gays and Lesbians their rights will push right on to SCOTUS, which, considering its current make-up, is going to be potentially problematical.

To be honest, I am not confident.

I'll say it again: if the Supremes uphold Prop 8, fasten yer seat belts and return your seat backs and tray tables to the full upright and locked position ... 'cuz there will be a REACTION from the GLBT community ... and in places, it won't be very polite!

The Supremes may not even take the case because the decision was fairly narrow and only applied to California's special circumstances. In any event, the ruling first has to be reviewed through an appeal to the full 11 members of the 9th Circuit Court (today's ruling was by a 3 member panel of that court) before it can go to SCOTUS.

Hugh, thank you for posting this.  With so many trips to the altar, ending with disappointment, I wont hold my breath on this one either.  But by itself, it's very good news.  Certainly better than if it went the other way.  I remember when Obama was elected, then Prop 8 passed the same day.  This country has too many hatemongers, too many religious fanatics, too many bigots.  But it's still good to see this ruling.

It's encouraging to see the progress the country is making on civil liberties in the face of entrenched and mostly religiously-based opposition. The best part is that these religious interests are being exposed as enemies of individual freedoms and civil rights. Almost every poll shows fewer Americans supporting their bigotry.

Fantastic! Just freaking fantastic. Now I can tell my niece that her dream to marry her girlfriend of 8 years is one step closer to reality. And I will get to walk her down the aisle. That is when it makes it to Louisiana. Not exactly holding my breath. But still a positive step.

towleroad has a detailed analysis of the rationale behind, and implications of, the Prop 8 ruling. (warning, it's a gay site, but other than a few shirtless men here and there I think it's safe for work.  It won't make you gay)


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